Clemens Food Group Machine Operator II - Stomach Wash in Coldwater, Michigan

Company Job ID-2017-9775h3 class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoField_Job"Responsibilities/h3div class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoMsg_Job"div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Container"div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Text"The Machine Operator II position is responsible for the safe operation of production machinery to ensure continued and efficient production runs. Incumbents of the Machine Operator II position must be certified in lock out / tag out procedures and must possess some mechanical aptitude and problem solving skills. Machine Operator II incumbents are responsible for routine machine maintenance such as changing blades, set up, cleaning and take down of equipment. Examples of jobs within this position category include, but are not limited to; Ham Skinner, Box Machine, Cryovac, Dixie Machine, Peeler, Slicer Operator, V-Mag, Slurry Operator, Stuffer and T-Sizer.div id="iCIMS_Expandable_Button" /div/div/div/divh3 class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoField_Job"Qualifications/h3div class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoMsg_Job"div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Container"div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Text"Job Requirements:- Product Inspection.- Pushing/Sorting Product/Material.- Must be able to read, comprehend and enter data in English.- Able to lift 30 Lbs. consistently in a motion./div/div/div