Robins & Morton Group Construction Crane Operator (2017-SC-018) in Charleston, South Carolina

A qualified and licensed worker who operates, inspects, and positions cranes.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:- Ability to determine what types of site conditions could adversely affect the operation of the crane.- Ability to accurately check ground conditions and that the crane is level before attempting to lift and place a load.- Ability to understand and apply the information contained in the crane manufacturer's operating manual including load /capacity charts, diagrams and apply all notes and warnings related to the charts to confirm the correct crane configuaration to suit the load, site and lift conditions.- Ability to understand the functions and limitations as well as particular operating characteristics of multiple types of cranes (Wheel Mounted, Crawler Crane, Commercial Truck Mounted and Tower Cranes)- Ability to perform a daily inspection on multiple types of cranes and report the need for any adjustments or repairs.- Ability to properly maintain the crane in good working order.This includes periodic preventaive maintainace such as checking and adding fluids and inspecting and greasing all cables.- Required to fill out daily inspection log and turn in to the M.I.C. at the close of each business day that the crane is in operation.- Ability to not engage in any practice that will divert attention while operating the crane controls.- Ability to safely hoist, move, and place manterials and objects, using attachments, such as slings, electromagnet, grapple hook, bucket, demolition ball, and clamshell.- - Ability to give and interpret hand signals and any other form of communication correctly when operating a crane and given by the individual directing the lift or an appointed signal person.- Understanding that a stop signal must be obeyed at all times, no matter who gives it.- Ability to judge spaces correctly and handle many controls at the same time.- Understanding of load rigging procedures and the ability to determine how much materials can be safely hoisted in each load according to the crane's capacity and the weather conditions, e.g high winds, crane configuration, site and lift conditions.- Ability to moinitor weather conditions and knowledge of conditions which require the crane operation to be shut down.- Ability to communicate well with members of the team in order to understand what is required when moving loads from one place to another.- Ability to correctly identify how much material can be safely hoisted in each load according to the crane's capacity and the weather conditions, e.g. high winds.- Clear understanding that when there is any doubt as to the safety of crane operations, the crane operator shall stope the crane's functions in a controlled manner. Operations shall resume only after safety concerns have been addressed.JOB QUALIFICATIONS:To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.- To qualify as a crane operator a person must be at least 18 years old, able to communicate in written and spoken English, and meet required physical standards for the job assignment.- Vision of at least 20/30 Snellen in one eye and 20/50 in the other, with or without corrective lenses.- Ability to distinguish colors, regardless of postions, if color differentiation is required.- Adequate hearing to meet operations demands, with or without hearing aid- Sufficient strength, endurance, agility, coordination and speed of reaction to meet the operation demands.- Normal depth perception, field of vision, reaction time, manual dexterity, coordination and no tendencies to dizziness or similar undesirable characteristics.- Negative result of substance abuse test- No evidence of having physical defects or emotional instability.- No evidence of being su