TMGE LLC Computer Operator - VTC Help Desk in Charleston, South Carolina

Job Description

Position: Video Teleconference (VTC) Scheduler/Technical Support/Help Desk –

Scheduling: The employee shall coordinate with customers through e-mail, meetings, website submissions, and telephone calls to schedule audio bridges and VTCs through the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) scheduling software. The employee shall coordinate with VTC team members through email, meetings, website submissions, and telephone calls to identify important audio bridges and VTCs scheduled at SSC LANT’s various facilities.

VTC Help Desk: The employee shall help ensure stable, reliable operations during conferences as the Tier 1 support in charge of responding to customer complaints and issues. The employee shall provide simple audio/video checks and basic dial-in connection settings checks for Unclassified/GENSER conferences. The employee shall forward unresolved issues to Tier II. The employee shall assist participants with advanced configuration setting changes to improve audio/video, or quickly remove/re-add participants experiencing failed dial-in connections beyond advanced configuration setting changes.

The Computer Operator IV/V utilizes multiple pieces of bridging software to process customer requests for audio/visual conferences, to include the Audio Bridges (Cloud 550 and the ACES and the Video Teleconference Bridges the Cisco Tele Presence Management Suite and the Cisco MSE 8510). The Computer Operator utilizes strong attention to detail as they process multiple requests throughout their shift aiming for a high degree of accuracy to ensure that all customer conference requests are built in accordance to their initial request ensuring optimal audio/visual presentation.

The Computer Operator IV/V proactively monitors and facilitates all High Level/Flag level conference to ensure quality. (This often entails speaking with the administrative team or key personnel that work closely with the commanding officer or admiral to find out the key conference logistics desired by the client. ie (Will the conference be a question and answer session or will one key speaker present to all other sites for the duration of the conference? Would the command like for all sites to be visible during the conference or would the command prefer that only the active speaker’s image appear during the conference?) Taking the time to find out what the customer wants prior to the conference helps to ensure that the customer is satisfied and that the Computer Operator is able to provide the type of conference layout that the customer desires. Ensuring that the meeting is a success in the eyes of the conference host is essential.

The Computer Operator IV/V position must utilize strong analytical skills on a daily basis. One of the keys to being a successful analyst is recognizing trends, trends in inbound calls from customers in a specific geographic area, trends in a particular type of conference failing to launch during the scheduled start time, trends in conferences ending early. The ability to recognize trends in data early is an essential part of the Computer Operator ’s job; it allows the analyst to diagnose a problem while it is in the early stages and before multiple customers have been affected by it. It also allows issues that need to be escalated to a technician to be escalated and resolved in a timely manner and with as little downtown as possible.

In instances of technical failure or service outages the Computer Operator utilizes strong trouble shooting and analytical skills to test a variety of possible resolutions for the client. The analyst works through all problems with the client until resolution, escalating the problem to a higher level technician if deemed necessary. The analyst is also responsible for documenting and providing metrics of failed conferences or hardware/software malfunctions.

The Computer Operator sets up conference rooms as needed and conducts weekly tests with the command administrative team to ensure that all conference rooms are tested and visually inspected prior to command level meetings. Communicates regularly with 3rd party vendors and outside telephony service providers on behalf of the client to find resolution to any audio/visual inquiries that our clients may encounter, working with all parties to ensure a timely resolution for the client and following up with the client to ensure all issues are resolved to their satisfaction.

While working as a part of a team that is geographically separated the Computer Operator utilizes advanced communication skills and an ability to trouble shoot complex processes to provides remote support to team members in New Orleans and St Julien’s Creek and other distant locations as they attempt to work through a variety of equipment hardware and firmware issues, whether it is conducting point to point tests with these locations or building test bridges and dialing into the bridge to verify IP/ISDN connectivity the analyst utilizes their technical experience as well as their ability to communicate instructions effectively to a remote user in a fast paces environment to be successful.

The Computer Operator works cohesively with external neighboring bridging sites (Hampton Roads ie.) to assist in providing support for distant customers in need of a video teleconference support sites that are unable to connect directly to the neighboring bridge. In some cases it is a Naval Ship out at sea, in other cases it is a remote international command in need of assistance) in all instances the Computer Operator provides support by utilizing bridging software to build a conference and cascade (connect) the remote site to the neighboring bridge when resources allow, working as a team to resolve a technical problem for a customer is an essential part of the Computer Operator role.

The role of the Computer Operator involves being proactive, it involves looking for ways to step up and assist the team in any way possible every day. Proactively stepping up to assist in answering phone calls within another department within Naval Video Services such as the “Secure Help Desk” until they are fully staffed is an example of being proactive, taking the time to inventory the supply cabinet and compile a list of supplies needed for the office, compiling the item numbers and quantity numbers, assembling this data into a spreadsheet and providing it to the government lead to place the supply order is an example of proactivity. The Computer Operator produces a variety of monthly conference reports and spreadsheets as directed by the management team, conducts research and provides feedback on a number of audio/visual data related matters.

VTC Help Desk is manned 12 hours per day. Candidate may require to work an 8 HR shift work until 7:00 PM

Specific Experience: SECRET CLEARANCE

Associates Degree (AA) or Bachelor of Science Degree (BS)

Microsoft Server Administrator Experience

Proficient using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint).

Company Description

TMGE, LLC is a Native Hawaiian Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business; SBA Certified 8(a). The Makua Group (TMG), a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO), owns and operates this for-profit company. This company has conducted business in Hawaii and parts of the continental U.S. since 2008. TMGE's primary focus is information technology with construction renovation as a secondary focus. TMGE is currently executing work for our C4ISR Government customers utilizing the latest technologies including, LANs, WANs, data servers, routers, audio-visual systems, control systems, digital switch, inter-active electronic technical manuals, inter-active courseware training documentation, and imaging systems. We provide typical program management functions as well as the technical support for these systems.