Centerville is now hiring a Streets Maintenance Operator. The following is a description of duties: Maintains roads, potholes, water leaks and crosswalks; fills in cracks in asphalt; digs out holes and prepares for asphalt fills; operates roller to lay asphalt. Install and replace street markers such as stop signs, yield signs, mph signs; conducts inspections on signs and records information for future maintenance. Operates air compressor to make street repairs; uses other equipment as needed to make repairs or maintenance. Operates dump truck in a training capacity in the transportation of various materials related to construction and maintenance of city streets; transports asphalt; refills area with new material and rolls asphalt with power roller. Operates frontend loader in a training capacity in the removal and loading of asphalt, gravel or dirt, or other materials related to maintenance and repair of city streets. Sweeps and shovels debris into trucks from gutters and grates; operates dump truck or loader in clearing snow and hauling debris, asphalt, sand and other materials. Cleans storm drains; and maintains weeds along roads and in parkways. Operate snowplow and salt truck to clear roads of snow and ice. Performs preventive maintenance and minor repairs on light and heavy equipment; use tools such as welder and power tools.