RAINBOW SIGN & DESIGN, INC. Printer Operator in CEDAR CITY, Utah

The printer operator is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all printing, lamination, vinyl plotting, panel and chop saw equipment within the soft production department. Should have a keen eye for quality while producing multiple work orders simultaneously at any given time. The ability to run different types of printers, plotters, laminator, panel saw and chop saw, and maintain them on a daily-weekly basis. Must have basic knowledge of computers and also the printing and plotting programs (Onyx Production house & Poster shop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, Cutting master3 and the cutting plotter controller, E-mail, Internet, Keyed-in) Occasionally will work with customers to help them with fulfilling their printing-vinyl needs and to build a good relationship. Keeping a neat and tidy work area is a must! Sweeping, dusting, wiping down equipment and tables on a daily & weekly basis. Must keep the department looking clean and professional. Duties and Responsibilities * QUALITY CONTROL. All items produced must be accurate to the work order. * Operation of all printing, plotting, lamination, panel and chop saw equipment. * Ripping of print & plot orders to be produced. * Maintenance of equipment on a regular basis. * The ability to diagnose problems with printing and plotting equipment, and if needed minor repairs. * Reviewing of jobs to put in order of due dates. * Following up on jobs if and when needed – Give updates. * Cleanliness and organization of the department. * Learn and understand your materials and substrates. Customers are not always aware of the multitudes of vinyl's, substrates, laminates Etc... And be a resource to them and help figure out what will work for them. * Other duties as assigned such as installs, deliveries, etc... Skills and Specifications * Attention to detail, both on work orders and what you are producing. * Must be a self-starter, motivated employee who can work without supervision. * Following-up is a must. * Learn and develop a skill set for operating computers, printers, plotters and laminators and all supporting equipment. * Standard maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer of all production equipment. * Ability to prioritize and manage tasks simultaneously. * Good problem solving and troubleshooting ability, resource identification and efficient coordination of resources. * Basic knowledge of color matching. Knowledge of i1 Spectrophotometer and ICC Profiles a plus!