City of Casper Waste Water Treatment Plant Lead Operator in Casper, Wyoming

Assigned to: Waste Water Treatment PlantIncumbents are responsible for leading daily operations and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant. Responsibilities may include prioritizing and assigning tasks; monitoring plant production and performance; preparing compliance reports; and ordering plant materials and supplies. Receives general supervision from the WWTP Manager and higher level supervisory staff. This position is driving essential (see driving requirements below). Typical Class Essential Duties:1. Leads assigned staff to include: delegating work; creating work schedules for assigned staff; ensuring staff is trained; ensuring that employees follow policies and procedures; and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. 2. Monitors and ensures operational compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards. 3. Prepares a variety of operational records, compliance reports, and related documentation. 4. Monitors plant materials and supplies; orders materials and supplies when levels are low. 5. Approves work order requests; develops and maintains a preventive and corrective maintenance database; resolves unusual or complex operating issues; identifies areas for improvement. 6. Assists in the implementation of goals and objectives; establishes schedules and methods for providing wastewater treatment operations and maintenance; recommends and helps prepare a new/replacement capital improvement plan. 7. Assists with budget preparation and administration; prepares costs estimates and justifications for budget items; submits and approves invoices for payment and monitors expenses to align with budget allocated. 8. Keeps current on new trends and innovations in wastewater treatment. 9. Responds to and resolves citizen concerns and complaints. 10. Represents the City of Casper by responding to the public, citizens, its employees, and others in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner while continuously maintaining a positive customer service demeanor. 11. Follows all City safety procedures. Reports all accidents/incidents immediately to supervisor. 12. Performs other duties of a similar nature or level. Knowledge (position requirements at entry):Knowledge of:and#149; The properties of the chemical compounds and the laboratory procedures used in wastewater treatment testing.and#149; Standard principles of hydraulics and plumbing.and#149; Skilled technical duties in the operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant.and#149; Inspection and maintenance principlesand#149; Wastewater treatment methods, materials, tools, and equipment.and#149; Laboratory testing procedures.and#149; Chemical solutions.and#149; Safe work methods and standards.and#149; Operational characteristics, services and activities of a wastewater treatment plant.and#149; Current trends and innovations in wastewater treatment operations.and#149; Applicable Federal, State, Local and City government codes, rules and regulations relating to the various aspects of wastewater treatment operations.and#149; Public relation principles.and#149; Record maintenance systems and techniques.and#149; Mathematical and statistical principles.and#149; Customer service principles.and#149; Computers and related software applications.and#149; Basic principles of municipal budgeting preparation and control; inventory principles.and#149; Principles of supervision, training and performance evaluations. Abilities (position requirements at entry):Ability to:and#149; Perform the most difficult and complex duties related to wastewater treatment.and#149; Fill out appropriate records and forms; compile data into written reports in order to comply with plant, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, and EPA compliance.and#149; Work rotating shifts.and#149; Read meters and gauges correctly and to act quickly and competently.and#149; Recognize and react to treatment process changes and demands.and#149; Work according to safety standards under potentially haz