CONSOL Energy Production Control Room Operator in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Position Summary

This position is responsible for the safety of Company resources such as property, equipment and people. This is accomplished by viewing, monitoring, recognizing, and communicating to the appropriate entity the status of well sit equipment, compressor stations, gas quality and blending. This position is also responsible for receiving and responding to calls from land owners, regulatory agencies, security and local law enforcement and keeping appropriate records.

Target Responsibilities

  • Adhere to CONSOL’s core values of Safety and Compliance while performing daily job duties and functions. - Follows correct protocol in emergency situation; handles emergency response from other operational locations

  • Monitors weather changes and communicates effectively with field personnel on power outages and breakdowns; coordinates restarts

  • Recognizes trouble spots in flows and pressures adapts to making the correct changes;

  • Notifies the correct personnel when problems arise

  • Monitoring and controlling the remote operation of oil and gas wells and production systems, including performing emergency corrective action as required.

  • Monitor and record all key operational parameters and report any anomalies in a timely manner, with particular attention to production rates, pressures, alarms, and non-productive times.

  • Maintain appropriate records and documents of daily activities and submit reports as required.

  • Work effectively in a team environment to monitor, log, resolve, and escalate operation and safety issues.

  • Acknowledge plant alarms and take appropriate corrective action.

  • Maintain awareness of production targets and ensure these are met.

  • Complete log sheets and maintain a daily log of all events occurring in the assigned area.

  • Report potential process safety and operational optimization issues to the appropriate level.

  • Ensures emergency safety equipment and protective systems are functional at all times. Understands and follow Company - Standard Operating Procedures and Recommended Practices - Ensure all production reporting requirements are carried out.

  • Monitor system health including communications with remote devices - also identify missing data/polling issues.

  • Closely monitor high value wells and provide daily updates.

  • Monitor central email account.

  • Identify production issues, communicate, and prioritize to field personnel for remediation/repair.

  • Monitor production going to different taps and compare with nominations - Feed wells accordingly.

  • Work closely with Operations/Midstream team

  • Work with Operation on Gas Nominations

Minimum Requirements

Associate degree in electrical, mining or computer engineering preferred Minimum of 2 years gas field experience Must be a safety minded individual

  • Knowledge of the physical location of well sites, compressor stations and valve settings a plus

  • Must be able to work night shift and weekends

  • Requires basic skills in MS Word and MS Excel

  • Must possess effective verbal and written communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

Job Title:

  • Production Control Room Operator

Reference Code:

  • C50593398-0002