Volunteers of America-Greater New York Director of Community Case Management and Facility Operations in Bronx, New York


The Director of Community Case Management and Facility Operations is responsible for managing service programs and activities in addition to directing all activities relating to contracted facility services, including all technical reviews, equipment, materials, product requisitions, and record keeping by performing all duties personally or through provision of technical expertise.


The position requires a Master’s Degree in a Social Science or Administration and three years of relevant experience, or a Bachelor’s Degree and five years of relevant experience.

The position requires a demonstrated ability to manage multiple programs serving diverse client populations with substantial budget responsibility. In addition, it requires a reasonable combination of the following skills, knowledge and abilities: ability to collect; assess and understand data; establish facts and draw valid conclusions; the design, operational oversight and evaluation of program services; personnel management; budget development and control; property management, public relations and governmental relations.


  • Develop and market program services
  • Manage program Fiscal Operations
  • Manage program services for quality and consistency
  • Manage program personnel
  • Inspect facility to determine deficiencies and inform environmental manager of findings.
  • Prepare bid sheets for contracts, process specifications, test and progress reports, and other exhibits that may be required
  • Review bids from firms for conformity to contract requirements and determine acceptable bids. Request amendments to or extensions of service contracts
  • Inspect all repairs prior to approval for final payment
  • Maintain contract and contractor status databases as well as maintain records that detail service history, violations, and inspections
  • Establish and maintain contact with contractors to ensure the smooth working of the contract awarding process. Review all correspondence concerning contractors and respond as necessary
  • Act as a liaison between company and subcontractors and perform related duties as required


  • New programs are developed in areas with the organization’s goals, objective and development capabilities
  • Program clients are provided with high quality, cost-effective services.
  • Qualified personnel are recruited, trained and retained.
  • Programs operate within approved budgets
  • Facilities are maintained and improved
  • Maintenance contracts are well managed.
  • Facilities are able to receive the best service at an affordable cost.
  • Inspections occur regularly and frequently
  • A database of service contracts and contractors is maintained according to agency standards
  • Facilities maintain a positive relationship with vendors
  • Positive relations are maintained with communities where programs are located, with local governments and with funding and licensing agencies

Title: Director of Community Case Management and Facility Operations

ID: 165973

Job ID: CSS111

Program Name: N/A

Location: Bronx, NY