RR Donnelley Hoist Operator 2/Lead in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania

Hoist Operator 2/Lead

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Job Description

Lead job duties

  • Ensure that needed resources and tools are available to complete daily work assignments.

  • Maintain current knowledge of all operating procedures, policies, written instructions, and other directives.

  • Ensure that work schedules will be covered during approved absences and unplanned absences.

  • May check work to ensure work sequences, procedures, methods, and deadlines have been met.

  • Report to the supervisor on status and progress of work and causes of work delays.

  • Answer questions of the supervisor on overall work operations and problems.

Drive forklift truck equipped with lifting devices such as forklift, fork-grapple, clamps, elevating platform, or trailer hitch, to push, pull, lift, stack, tier, or move raw paper materials and in process products and finished products, equipment, or materials in warehouse, storage yard, or factory. May move materials and equipment using an overhead rail crane or operate a rail car mover such as a Track mobile. May load and unload semi trailer trucks. Maintain accurate inventory and report any discrepancies. May load or unload materials onto or off of pallets, skids, or lifting device. Perform safety checks on lifts. May lubricate truck, recharge batteries, fill fuel tank, or replace liquefied-gas tank. Responsible for inventory control, tracking and reporting inventory utilizing a materials management system. May organize and assign storage space utillized in warehousing and moving materials in the departments.

Greater knowledge and skill than Hoist Operator 1 in the handling of controls for driving fork lift and/or clamp trucks. Must be skilled in handling controls for starting, stopping, backings, and driving fork lift trucks through narrow aisles in building, up and down ramps, and in and out of railroad cars, trucks, etc.; and, for lifting, lowering, and tilting forks by moving hands, arms, feet, and legs to operate controls. Must know how high, wide, and long the fork lift truck and its load are, and how much the fork lift truck can lift. Good special ability to identify how high and wide a doorway and an aisle must be to drive the fork lift truck and its load; how high and wide the shelf, bin, etc., must be to place the load; and how high the load must be lifted to reach the shelf or bin. Must be able to recognize whether the fork lift truck is able to lift the load and whether the load is properly balanced. Knowledge of the layout of the storage area to be able to find and place items without need for detailed instructions. Skilled in moving fork lift trucks about in places where there is very little room to stack or remove loads.

Required Skills

Ability to obtain certification to operator a fork truck.

Ability to lift 20+ pounds.

Ability to work 12 hour shifts ('4 crew).

Ability to key information into and download out of various computer programs.

Required Experience

Computer literacy, good communication and organizational skills is required.

RR Donnelley is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. The company’s policy is to select, place and deal with all its employees without discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, age, disability, perceived disability, sexual orientation, protected Veteran status, genetic information or on the basis of any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

Job Location

Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States

Position Type


Employee Referral Bonus eligible