GRAHAM PACKAGING Fork Lift Operator in Bradford, Pennsylvania

DESCRIPTION/RESPONSIBILITIES: Graham Packaging Company is looking for a(n) Forklift Operator based in Bradford, PA. This opening is for Night Shift, which operates during the hours of 7:00pm - 7:00am. This position will operate an Electric Towmotor. Forklift Operators perform a combination of product handling and lift truck operating duties to stack, transport, and store work-in-process and finished goods. Supplies production lines with efficient flow of materials - knockdowns and dividers - and moves finished goods to warehouse. Complete line driver reports accurately and legible showing locations and quantities of raw materials used as well as quantities and locations where finished goods were stored. Assist production line employees by relieving them in breaks and lunchtime periods. The primary duties of a Forklift Operator include: * Follow all established safety, health, quality GMP and Company policies, procedures and recognized practices. * Perform a safety lift truck inspection and battery check and report any equipment malfunctioning or damage to the Warehouse Manager or Shift Supervisor. Change lift truck batteries and add water when necessary; keep record of time batteries are changed. Fill out lift truck status report. * Participate in continuous quality improvement projects and other related activities as assigned. * Review daily production schedule with Shift Supervisor, brings materials to the production lines when needed to execute schedule and notify supervisor of any materials running low. Removes finished goods from production lines, back to assigned warehouse locations. * Provide accurate information of unloaded materials as well as materials used or produced to warehouse personnel. * Remove, store, and unitize production scrap bales and informs warehouse personnel when there is enough for a full load. Removes excess corrugated from mezzanine and empties baler as required. Takes full bales of cardboard scrap from baler to assigned location in the warehouse. * Maintain accurate records of materials being used and produced, and reports them in appropriate paperwork, back to warehouse personnel. * Remove finished goods and other materials in hold to assigned location. Stores finished goods stacked neatly and in proper height. Verifies that all finished goods removed from the production area must have a product code tag. * Participate in physical inventory taking. * Keep each production line supplied with the proper knock down cases, dividers, pallets and when each pallet is full take that pallet to the warehouse for loading on the trailer; and takes unused cases and dividers back to the warehouse to the proper location. * On limited production, may assist in stock-handler duties or load trailers as needed. * Bring up hot glue cases to the mezzanine, brings color concentrate to the lines, replaces cold glue tote, removes excess cases from production floor, brings slip sheets to production floor, loads storage racks with gaylords, set up rework, set up units of product on hold for Q.C., relieves stock handlers, loads and unloads corrugated trailers, identifies good corrugated from the bad and isolates it. * Follow established forklift procedures and complete required safety and maintenance checklists * Follow established procedures for damaged finished goods and raw materials and report them on line driver report. * Communicate with supervisor regarding shift totals and machine totals reports and with other lift truck operators regarding any changes or problems that arise, including damaged materials, damaged skids, or low inventories. * Complete written documentation as required. * Assist in relieving downstream teammates for breaks and lunches. * Use forklift to move pallets of finished product to stretch wrap machines to stretch wrap them and to staging area after wrapping, or to specify warehouse lo