SunPower Corporation Sales Operations Analyst in Binan, Philippines

Do you want to change the world? We do, too.

The energy market is roughly $4 trillion globally, and solar penetration is less than 1%. But just one hour of sunlight, if harnessed, could power the entire world for a year. We have the opportunity to completely change the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed on a global scale, and we’re looking for talented, committed people to help us drive our growth and achieve our goals.

SunPower is a global solar energy solutions company with a rich heritage of pioneering the best energy technologies in the world. Our solutions are unrivaled in terms of long-term reliability, efficiency and guaranteed performance, and our company is unmatched in terms of global reach and scale. Through design, manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance and monitoring, SunPower provides its proprietary, world-record efficient solar technology to residential, commercial and utility customers worldwide.

SunPower is changing the way our world is powered every day with a brilliant, passionate and driven team of more than 7,000 in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. In an industry that is reshaping the world’s energy future, there’s no better place to be than SunPower.

We believe that our employees create our brand – with each project, each communication, each task completed and each interaction. Experience is critical to SunPower in regards to not only our customers but also our employees and dealer partners. As such, we strive to hire candidates that are service focused. The experience we would expect the ideal person to deliver is:

SunPower is seeking Sales Operations Analyst who is responsible for analysis and reporting of sales related data in an on-going effort to increase overall sales productivity. He/She must collect sales records and evaluate performance


  • Manages the company's office services which may include copy services, word processing, mail and distribution services, records retention, office reception, janitorial services, cafeteria staff, recreation services, utility services and communication systems (such as telephones and facsimile transmission systems).

  • Oversees general administrative staff and coordinates with necessary vendors to meet organizational needs. Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function.

  • Effectively carries out instructions as assigned by superior.

  • Manages the superior’s work schedule efficiently.

  • Organizes regular and ad hoc staff meetings and activities.

  • Attends to and takes down minutes of meetings

  • Coordinates with key staff on regular reports and data for submission to executive.

  • Updates the business unit’s organizational chart.

  • Prepares and monitors the business unit administrative requirements, including generation of Purchase Requisition and facilitation of payment to vendor.

  • Prepares data for submission to government agencies ie. PEZA, DOLE.

  • Files and monitors the business unit records for SOX compliance.

  • Coordinates with IT, Facilities, and external vendors and suppliers on office supplies, meeting venues, office space, tools, and other logistics requirements of the group.

  • Ensures 5S is observed within the business unit.

  • Assists from time to time as may be required in the processing of travel and hotel bookings for superior and other employees within the business unit.

  • Complies at all times the Environment, Health and Safety and Manufacturing Quality standards, rules and regulations.


Minimum requirements

  • Graduate of any Business or related course

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Knows how to handle confidential information

  • Works with minimal supervision

  • Communicates effectively

  • Works in an ambiguous, fast-paced environment

  • Ability to relate well with different types of employees

  • Ability to demonstrate high standards of customer service and accountability for program results

  • Computer literate in all MS applications or programs

  • Achievement Drive - Basic competitive drive. The pervasive desire to win consistently and achieve goals set by self and others.

  • Computer Knowledge - The ability to use computer hardware and software to improve productivity and support efficiencies.

  • Customer Service Orientation - A fundamental focus on helping and serving others.

  • Empathy and Personal Insight – Insight into self and others – the ability to read and

  • Initiative and Independence - A strong and natural inclination to take ownership of issues and events, seize opportunities and function with minimal direction.

  • Listening and Responding - The ability to actively listen and respond appropriately also known as interpersonal sensitivity.

  • Negotiation Skill - The ability to effectively persuade customers and colleagues in order to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

  • Organization Understanding - A complete understanding of the Company organization in which one works, i.e., understanding of formal and informal structures and hierarchies, understanding of politics, knowing who influences whom, and where to go to make things happen.

  • Planning and Time Management - The ability to plan, prioritize and manage one’s time efficiently.

  • Process Management - The ability to coordinate business processes and information flow effectively between Company and customers.

  • Relationship Building and Networking - The ability to establish meaningful relationships with customers and colleagues and use these relationships appropriately in achieving goals and objectives.

  • Self-Confidence - A strong, balanced opinion of one’s abilities, convictions and actions.

  • Teamwork and Cooperation – A genuine orientation toward working cooperatively with others, being part of a team, and working collaboratively as opposed to separately.

  • Tenacity and Resilience - The ability to recover quickly from setbacks and patiently pursue goals regardless of obstacles.

Preferred requirements

  • Business Acumen - A basic understanding of business principles (e.g. market, financial, and strategic concepts.

  • Coaching and Developing - The ability to accurately assess the development needs of others, provide constructive feedback, and take personal actions to support their development.

  • Customer Knowledge - A thorough knowledge of customer products, needs, and opportunities.

  • Presentation Skill - The ability to compile and present information in a manner that informs and persuades the audience.

  • Segment Knowledge - A thorough understanding of the customer segment(s) one predominantly serves.

  • Selective Attention to Detail - The ability to manage significant amounts of data efficiently, extracting what is truly important and meaningful.

  • Smart (problem solving) - Using one’s intellectual ability in effective ways, analyzing and solving problems, conceptualizing solutions, I thinking outside the box.

  • Team Leadership - The ability to in involve, motivate and lead by directing and leveraging the strengths of the individual and group.